Our brewery is built in the honor and recognition of the old Nordic and Celtic cultures, rich with experience and wisdom, literature, and life.

The story begins as many do, with a couple of homebrewers. NATHANIEL and AUSTIN both separately had become disillusioned with their professions, seeking an environment that gave them a bit more of a creative outlet. Nathaniel approached Austin, his brother in law, about starting a brewery. Simple in concept, but quite a few things had to be put in place first. As the Norns would weave it, Austin had come in contact with his favorite brewery, HAAND BRYGGERIET on a trip to Norway in the years prior and an opportunity for an internship had just opened up with them. He spent some months in NORWAY working under his mentor Andreas Riis at Haand. Upon his return to the United States, he moved from KENTUCKY to MINNESOTA, and the two immediately began executing the plans to open HAMMERHEART

The brewery's name was chosen from the epic viking metal album "HAMMERHEART" by the classic swedish metal band BATHORY. Fitting as it involves two sources of endless inspiration for us…metal and norse mythology..
After nearly two years of planning and construction, the brewery opened in late Summer 2013, debuting at All Pints North in Duluth, MN followed by the taproom opening in LINO LAKES, MN. Present for the debut was Austin's Norwegian brewing mentor, Andreas, and together they brewed three collaboration brews that summer. HammerHeart Brewing will continue to brew beers inspired by NORSE and CELTIC history, lore, old world tradition, beauty and wonder of dense forests, running water, towering mountains and of course, all forms of heavy metal.

We at HammerHeart are honored that you have taken the time to read about our craft and hope that you will come and join us for a BEER some time.



Food At The Brewery

are at the brewery most Saturdays and start serving by 4pm or earlier. See schedule below for more details.

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Von Hanson's Pretzels
available at the bar

Outside food is welcome in the taproom. We just ask that you clean up after yourself.

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Contact, Hours, & Directions

7785 Lake Dr.
Lino Lakes, MN 55014
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tuesday: 2-10pm
wednesday: 2-10pm
thursday: 2-10pm
friday: 2-10pm
saturday: 2-10pm
sunday: noon-8pm (Starting July 1, 2018: 2-8pm)


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...yet not available all the time...

Flaming Longship
Scotch Ale
7.5% ABV

Named after the yearly fire festival in Shetland, Up helly aa,where the town builds a viking longboat and burns it, this scotch ale is mildly smokey with floral yeast character, a pleasant brown color and rich mouthfeel.

Dublin Raid
Peat Smoked Irish Red Ale
6.5% ABV

During the Viking Age, many warriors, raiders and second sons left Scandinavia in hopes of new riches and land. Often after a tumultuous period of interacting with these people they came in contact with, they settled and assimilated, thus changing the course of history. This beer is inspired by those changes.

Barrel Aged Versions:
Buffalo Trace released September 2013
Heaven Hill Rye released December 2013
Elijah Craig 12yr released January 2014
Gamle Ode Aquavit released January 2014
Heaven Hill Bourbon 2014

British Invasion
British Style Pale Ale
6.5% ABV

Modeled after classic english ales with a twist of American Hops. The name is a reference to the Dane Law in Northern England, in addition to the 25 years that southern England was under the thumb of King Cnut.

Brown Ale
6.5% ABV

This brown Ale is an english style brown ale with some interesting hop choices and a little bit of belgian malt that gives it a unique flavor, with out venturing too far out of the style. It has a rich nutty malt character, while maintaining a strong hop presence. The beer is named after our head brewer's son, Hokan.

Barrel Aged Versions:
American Whisky released June 2014
Heaven Hill Bourbon 2014

Åttebeint Hest
Northern IPA
6.5% ABV

A slightly darker amber beer with a massive hop presence, bittered with warrior, heaps of flavoring and aroma additions, and a huge dry hop. This beer is bitter like the Minnesota winters and a little bit darker than most IPAs are, simply because it is darker in the north. It's name sake is derived from Odin's mighty steed, Sleipnir, the 8 legged horse that the famed god of wisdom, war and poetry rides.

Black Cascade
Cascadian Dark Ale
7.7% ABV

Named after one of our favorite band's albums, this Cascadian Dark Ale is rich and dark, boasting warrior hop for bittering and heaps of cascade hops for flavoring and aroma…then dry hopped with even more cascade hops!

Smoked Hot Pepper Imperial Porter
9.5% ABV

Named after the people's god in Norse Mythology, the mighty Thor. A robust, smoked porter with late addition smoked hot peppers, utilizing some of the hottest peppers in the world. (Don't worry, the seeds and membranes of the peppers have been removed after the peppers were roasted and smoked, so the beer has a bit of bite and flavor, but no overbearing heat.)

Barrel Aged Versions:
Nicaraguan Rum 2015
Heaven Hill Bourbon 2015

Rye Pale Ale
7.5% ABV

Released in tandem with Thor's porter, Jörmungandr, the midgard serpent, is Thor's bane. A bright and hoppy Pale Ale with a STRONG rye flavor, deriving it's spiciness from the fact that rye is over 20% of the grist. This ale has a cloudy, red hue, a strong hop aroma coupled with biscuity notes from Maris Otter as a base malt.

Surtr's Flame
Smoked India Pale Ale
7% ABV

Surtr is the Jötun Giant who purges the world in flames after the final battle, Ragnarok. This beer has a Maris Otter base with a healthy amount of Beechwood and Cherrywood Smoked Malts, a strong, bitter hop presence and the taste and aroma of Cascade and Centennial hops.

Smoked Pale Ale
7% ABV

Named after the legendary Aaron Fautz, this beer has Beechwood Smoked malts and a single hop.

Single Hop Versions:
"Citra" released Summer 2014
"Hallertau" released Spring 2015.

Olaf the Stout
Oak Aged Rye Stout
9.5% ABV

Named after the brutal Norwegian king who ended the Pagan-era in Norway, Olaf the Stout is a rye stout with distinct malt character, hopped with Cascade and aged in Oak. It's color is as black as Olaf's heart.

Barrel Aged Versions:
Original Release August 2013

Flanary's Brew
Smoked Irish Stout
5.5% ABV

A beer in honor of a dear friend, a holy man of sorts, a father, a musician and generally one hell of a man. "Flanary's Brew" is a mildly smoked oatmeal stout fermented with Irish ale yeast. This beer borders on being sessionable and is among our favorites.

Barrel Aged Versions:
Heaven Hill Bourbon 2015

Juniper Pale Ale
5.9% ABV

A lightly smoked Juniper Pale Ale. Literally meaning "mountain taken" in Norwegian.

Gorm the Old
Mesquite Smoked Old Ale
7.4% ABV

Mesquite Smoked Old Ale named after the first recognized king of Denmark. Harold Bluetooth (see our Blueberry IPA Blåtand) succeeded Gorm.

Von Winterherz Verhasst
Oak Smoked Wheat Hefeweizen
8.3% ABV

Brewed by HammerHeart, Hated by Winterherz.

8.3% ABV

Oak Smoked Wheat, and a touch of darkness.

...ahh yes, the best time of year...

Hail to the Dark Gourd
Wheat Ale with Smoked Pumpkin and Spices
8.6% ABV

An autumn seasonal, the Dark Gourd whom we hail is the tyrant of the pumpkin patch, the ruthless ruler of Autumn, making his way into nearly everything seasonally consumed during the orange, red and brown months before winter. With a recipe very similar to Høst Øl, but with heaping additions of chocolate malt, holiday spices and smoked pie pumpkins and a large dose of brown sugar just for good measure, this beer is a rich, floral, smokey and sweet ale for the Autumn months.

7% ABV

A smoked Kölsch brewed with only German malts and hops for Octoberfest in honor of our friends, the amazing German metal band Waldgeflüster.

Barrel Aged Versions:
American Whisky released September 2014

Høst Øl
Smoked Harvest Ale
8% ABV

A beer brewed for Autumn, our head brewer's favorite time of year.

Barrel Aged Versions:
Wheat Whisky released March 2014
American Whisky released September 2014

Valkyrie Tears
Double India Pale Ale
13% ABV

A tropical, juicy, double IPA.

...only the strongest survive...

Oak Smoked Wheat India Pale Ale
8.9% ABV

Named after the brutal winter that will destroy a third of mankind in Norse Mythology, FIMBULVETR is the long winter before Ragnarok. With sub zero temperatures commonly found during the winter in Minnesota.

Midvinter Øl
Black Ale with Spices
7.7% ABV

Roasty dark ale with cocoa, chipotle, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and lots of hops. A rich, bitter ale for the beauty of Minnesota winters.

Oatmeal Coffee Stout
8% ABV

In Old Nordic lore, Ginnungagap is the great void, the darkness from which all life springs forth. This beer is inspired by the wonder of the night sky, the beauty of nature, the heaviness of space (and metal!). Made with UP Coffee Roaster's Coffee (formerly Flamenco), smoked malts, oatmeal, and healthy hop additions...this is a beer for staying up late and star gazing.

Barrel Aged Versions:

Imperial Longship
Barrel Aged Smoked Scotch Ale
11.5% ABV

An imperialized version of Flaming Longship where the brewers took largely only first runnings. Always aged in barrels.

Sköll och Hati
Smoked Chocolate Stout
6.9% ABV

A heavy, mildly beechwood smoked, rich chocolate stout named after the famed wolves who chase the sun and moon, finally catching up to them at Ragnarok.

Barrel Aged Versions:
Bourbon 2014


Amber Ale
6% ABV

This beer is inspired by a favorite hiking spot near Flåm, Norway. It includes an epic, cascading waterfall flowing from a towering mountain. This beer has a mild smokiness derived from oak smoked wheat, but the predominant flavor is a gentle, toffee followed by a mild hop flavor.

Blueberry India Pale Ale
7.8% ABV

Named after the King of Denmark during the late 900s, who for a time ruled over Norway, Harold Bluetooth (Blåtand), this beer is fermented with blueberry and dry hopped with Mosaic.

Dry Hopped - British Invasion
British Style Pale Ale
6.5% ABV

A special version of our British Invasion, Dry Hopped for the season. Modeled after classic english ales with a twist of American Hops. The name is a reference to the Dane Law in Northern England, in addition to the 25 years that southern England was under the thumb of King Cnut.

Celtic Pale Ale
6.1% ABV

A light bodied celtic pale ale, orange zest from amarillo, just drink it.

Tart and/or Funky

Loki's Treachery
Sour Smoked IPA
7% ABV

Spontaneously re-fermented in white oak, inoculated with lactobacillus, and aged for 15months.


Rune Stone Stout
Barrel Aged Stout
8.7% ABV

A rich, malt forward stout with rye and chocolate notes aged in "ancient" bourbon barrels, barrels that have been kept and tended to, originally filled in 1979! It is unlikely we will be able to replicate this one again.

Specialty Red Ale
8.3% ABV

A beer brewed in honor of and in collaboration with one of our favorite bands, AGALLOCH. The beer was available first in the Twin Cities when they played here in 2014. Expect it to return when they return. It is a malt forward counterpart to our rye ale, Jörmungandrsblod, and is named after their brilliant new record, "The Serpent and the Sphere".

Barrel Aged Versions:
Whisky released June 2014

Smoked Blonde Ale
3.5% ABV

The smallest beer we have ever made.

Djevelens Munnvann
Strong Dark Ale with Cinnamon
11% ABV

This beer was brewed as a collaboration between our brewer and his mentor, Andreas Riis from Grunerløkka Brygghus, formerly of Haand Bryggeriet in Drammen Norway where our brewer did his internship. Djevellens Munnvann means "the devil’s mouth wash"…what else would the devil wash his mouth out with other than an 11.5% ABV dark ale with a hint of cinnamon and habanero?

Gammel Kriger
Oaked India Brown Ale
7% ABV

Fermented on oak, this brown ale was single hopped with Warrior.

Hrungnir's Hjerte
Dark Ale
7.8% ABV

Black Ale brewed with German Malts & Hops and fermented with Kölsch yeast. A beer brewed in celebrating a life and mourning what could have been. In memory of Chris Bragelman

Dry Hopped Red Ale
7.4% ABV

After Loki cunningly orchestrated Baldr’s death by use of Höðr, Baldr’s brother, the keeper of the underworld, Hel, instructs the gods that if all of creation weeps for the slain shining god, he will be released. Loki, the trickster and traitor, takes the form of a giantess and refuses to weep for Baldr. This rye pale ale is a variant of our “Jörmungandrsblod” rye pale ale...but this time with less than subtle changes in the malt bill and an absolutely massive dry hop addition. At 7.4% alc. by volume and 61 IBU.

Batch 100: Shieldwall
Mildly Smoked Double India Brown Ale with Cocoa Nibs
10.8% ABV

This is our batch 100 beer!